Don't stop smiling...and don't blink

It's Dot Slash...Dot Net...

First of all, why are you here? There isn't much to SEE here (yet). I get a couple dozen hits a week for no apparent reason, and you guys aren't getting here by search engines. I can't imagine that you were all just SO fascinated by the dummy template that I had up for awhile, that you would keep coming back to LOOK at it every few days? If you were, I apologize. Please get a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a squirrel, or SOMETHING else to occupy your time!

OKOK I know that's a really crappy way to treat an unsuspecting visitor to my site, and yes, I really am grateful that you wandered in. Let me at least give you the courtesy of an introduction. Around these parts, they call me Zaun. Not because I'm really big on anonymity. Honestly, I couldn't care less if you knew my real name, and with a little research, you'd figure it out. Chances are you don't give a rat's ass anyway, and I don't expect you to. Zaun is all you need for now.

This site is more or less a blank slate right now, or "tabula rasa" as the French or whoever it is call it. We'll just have to see what evolves, won't we? There will be some weird off-the wall stuff, some interviews with famous and infamous people, some fiction, non-fiction, maybe even a little cybershop. Who can tell? I always know that if I need more ideas, the peanut gallery will give me feedback, and maybe even some, *GASP*, original ideas! So if you just heard a funny noise, that was your paradigm shifting...without a clutch.

2/14/00 - First Dot Slash Dot Net Feature: Rant of the Moment









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